Barista Training


The act of teaching a particular skill

Barista training is free of charge at Hessian Coffee if you are a customer! There is nothing more disappointing for a customer than having a poor coffee experience.  This is why at Hessian Coffee we make sure this doesn’t happen to your business. Our barista training makes sure you get the best from our equipment and our coffees.

The knowledge gained from our training sessions will leave you with much more confidence in all areas. The end result being a much better product produced of your customers. A better product leads to happier customers, which in turn will lead to more repeat business. If you are just after a refresher course for your staff we can provide this too.

Our training sessions provide you with an education to coffee.  It will cover where it’s from, how it’s grown and the journey it takes to get to the cup.

With Barista training you will also learn about:

  • Your equipment
  • How to make it produce the perfect espresso every time
  • Milk techniques for speciality drinks
  • Drink production for the menu and
  • The importance of cleanliness of the work area and the equipment

Training sessions work around you and your business.  Working to your time frames and on your premises so staff feel more relaxed.  From experience we feel it is better to train in the area where you will be working and with the equipment you will be using.

All training sessions are designed to be as fun and as relaxed as possible, plus it’s a service we provide free to our customers!  Why not contact us today to find out more, and if you are not using one of our machines we can still come to your business to train your staff for a fee.

Our experienced trainers have been in the industry for many years so you’re in great hands!

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