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Brewing coffee

A coffees journey is a long one as you may know. It can take up to 5 years to grow depending on the bean. Then up to 6 months to travel the seas before the roasting and drinking begins. Why ruin its last moments by not giving it the best opportunity to tantalise those taste buds!

Getting the grind right is paramount to producing a perfect shot of espresso. You should be checking daily on the grind, before your customers start arriving. Poor quality coffee means either under extracted giving a weak, watery, sour taste, or over extracted giving a bitter and burnt taste. You would not want to drink this type of coffee so why expect your customers to do the same.

As a guide, the dosed amount should be of a fine sand texture, just a little coarser than talc powder. You should be able to pinch the coffee and it remains compact enough in its peak. It is very much a trial and error exercise initially so do not be put off if it doesn’t look right.  Once you have got it in the region of a peak then fine tweaking is easy.

Adjusting your Burrs

Most grinder have an easy way to adjust the Burrs (grinder blades) and often numbers or arrows are displayed to help you. Moving the burrs closer together Coffee Grindsgives a finer grind i.e. smaller particles that slows the espresso down.  Further apart gives a coarser grind due to the larger particles and will increase the dispense time. If you imagine the sand and stones in a bucket analogy, coffee compacted in the porta filter act as a barrier to the liquid being forced through. The tighter the content the more the water will have to work, almost struggling to come out.

As a guide, if your grind is right, the espresso shot should take between 24 and 30 seconds to produce a 30 ml shot.  It should flow from the porta filter like a rats tail into the cup (like the picture above shows). Getting this consistenancy correct allows you to form a wonderful caramel crema. When you have this caramel crema, it then gives you the right look to create your flat white work of art.

Once the espresso is at its best, producing perfect drinks are moments away. Why not fine tune what you already know by updating your skills through us.  At Hessian Coffee Co we come to your premises to train you and your staff, it is that easy!

Fun Fact:  

Did you know approximately one coffee bean is ground down into around 3,500 particles for the perfect extraction?

Posted on April 4, 2017 in Coffee Grinder

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