Organic Jasmine Tea

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Pyramids – Loose Leaf – Single Envelopes

The Oldest known scented tea. A highly fragrant and deliciously floral Tea.


Novus Organic Jasmine Tea


Novus Tea Selection

To make Jasmine tea you gather the organic jasmine tea blossoms at their freshest. The early morning is the best time, before the plant has come in to bloom. Once they have been picked they are left to open.  This is when the heavily scented petals are placed beside or mixed in with green tea leaves to create Jasmine tea.

After several hours, the dry leaves will absorb the sweet aroma of the Jasmine. This entire process gets repeated until the desired aroma and flavour have been reached.

Novus still use this old, traditional process as it is the best way to give you the delicious flavour that Jasmine tea is known for.

Available in pyramid bags or as loose leaves through Hessian Coffee Company.  Take a look at the other Novus teas we supply to cafes, restaurants, B&B’s, hotels and other businesses across the UK.  If you would like to find out about stocking Novus Organic Jasmine Tea then please get in contact and someone will come to your business to show you the range we stock.

Organic Jasmine Tea Benefits:

  • Jasmine Tea by Novus is highly fragrant
  • Deliciously floral
  • Aromatic Chinese GreenTea
  • Light and smooth flavour

Additional information


Available in resealable pouches containing 100 pyramids


Individual Leaf Pyramid sealed in an Envelope

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf Tea in a re-sealable Pouch


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