Novus Tea

Daily Tea Routine – Novus Tea

Tea is a huge part of our everyday lives, and I have a daily tea routine that consists of the following. My morning pretty much goes like this; Put the kettle on as soon as awake and before speaking to anyone Grab a largish cup, pop in a pyramid tea bag, fill the cup Allow…

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Roasting Coffee Beans

How is your Coffee Roasted? Read on as it is all revealed …

Image credit goes to “I Love Coffee” How is your coffee roasted?  This is often a question asked either by customers, prospective customers, or competitors. I would like to say it’s lovingly roasted by 2 guys in a shed with tattoo’s, handlebar moustache’s, skinny jeans, no socks with impeccable sensory awareness pallets as smooth as…

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Hessian retail coffee tins

How our Retail Coffee Tins Were Born

There is something about having a nice tin.  Either to be given a tin as a gift or selecting a tin when out buying a product. Tins just feel right! They ooze quality and seep of something gourmet. Even an empty tin has the potential to either tell a story of its past journey or…

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Espresso Machines and coffee

Why Great Machines Make the Best Coffee

There are many types of espresso machines and beverage equipment available. Before you choose you will need to consider how the equipment meets your needs in terms of the style of operation you’re running. The demand you’re expecting and the skill level of your staff. Finally, of course, your available budget. Where possible, we would always recommend…

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Christmas coffee with Hessian

Hessian Coffee – 12 Days of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: A kilo of roasted coffee. On the second day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: Two Clever Drippers and a kilo of roasted coffee. On the third day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: Three Aeropress’s pressing, Two Clever Drippers and a kilo of roasted coffee.…

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Coffee Boxes

This is Not Just a Box!

What do you think of our new espresso boxes! We are very excited about these boxes.  I am sure you can see why! These are not just the usual plain old boring boxes many use for getting product from A to B, these have been thought about, designed, re-thought about, produced, re-designed and re-produced until…

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Coffee award Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Food & Drink Award

What an amazing couple of weeks here and Hessian HQ! Firstly we received a nomination into an award. Then we became a finalist in the Hertfordshire Life Food and Drink Awards for Best Local Supplier. Then to top it off, one of our coffees was recognised and awarded a Great Taste Award, with the National…

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Biscuit tea

Taking the Biscuit!

I felt compelled to put pen to paper after much research this week into what is the best biscuit to dunk. This came about when I mentioned it one evening at home and the wife informed me “I am not qualified to write about such a thing”! That’s a challenge I thought! Especially as I…

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Latte Coffee being made

Large Skimmed, Extra Wet, Extra Hot Latte!

I heard someone during the week asking for this type of latte coffee.  They wanted a “large skimmed, extra wet, extra hot latte”.  What the hell is that, I asked the barista once the lady had been served. She told me “I gave her a hot latte”! I did chuckle but it got me thinking about…

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Cup of tea

Tea Trivia – Did you know!

There is so much information about tea out on the web. Whilst brushing up on a bit of knowledge, I became distracted on some of the fun, pub quiz, pop master type information. You never know when you will need to shout out loud that you know some of this trivia. Do you know the…

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Coffee Dripper

My Perfect Fathers Day – Coffee Gifts

As a father of 3 wonderful boys, there is nothing more I could possibly want for Father’s Day. So for me ideally the morning will start with cards and cuddles, breakfast in bed, then being allowed to dose off again for a few hours. When I am ready, up for a freshly made lunch, more cuddles and presents…

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Conti CC100 Coffee machine

Which Country Drinks more Coffee?

It is no surprise that coffee Essex and coffee across the Uk is having its day. However, people are becoming a lot choosier when it comes to their choice of coffee.  Many are turning their backs on freeze-dried, instant products and turning to fresher products. In saying this instant coffee has improved a lot over the years,…

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