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Christmas coffee with Hessian

Hessian Coffee – 12 Days of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: A kilo of roasted coffee. On the second day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: Two Clever Drippers and a kilo of roasted coffee. On the third day of Christmas Hessian Coffee sent to me: Three Aeropress’s pressing, Two Clever Drippers and a kilo of roasted coffee.…

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Coffee Boxes

This is Not Just a Box!

What do you think of our new espresso boxes! We are very excited about these boxes.  I am sure you can see why! These are not just the usual plain old boring boxes many use for getting product from A to B, these have been thought about, designed, re-thought about, produced, re-designed and re-produced until…

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Coffee award Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Food & Drink Award

What an amazing couple of weeks here and Hessian HQ! Firstly we received a nomination into an award. Then we became a finalist in the Hertfordshire Life Food and Drink Awards for Best Local Supplier. Then to top it off, one of our coffees was recognised and awarded a Great Taste Award, with the National…

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Hessian Coffee

Choose the right coffee supplier!

When you are new to the restaurant, cafe, hotel business you want to make sure you get everything right.  One of those things is finding the right coffee supplier for your business.  Quality is one the first key ingredients and so is choosing a reliable supplier that can respond quickly. Below we have listed a…

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Coffee Clever Dripper

Why have I never used my Clever Dripper?

In a sudden urge to tidy the office recently I discover a box of appropriately fitting filter papers.  So in a mad dash I nearly knock the kids over and delve into the kitchen cupboard but it is not just any cupboard.  You know the one, the one with the plastic containers but no fitting…

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Coffee strength

Coffee Strength on Packaging

Why do we have numbers ranging in the supermarkets from 1 to 5? Dots increasing in a neat line or different shades of colour to identify what coffee strength a bag of coffee is? Surely strength is made up from the how much coffee is dissolved in the liquid. Take for example a nice gin…

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What makes the perfect roast coffee Peterborough?

What makes the perfect roast coffee Peterborough? Is it the beans? The temperature? Well we went to find out. Neil and Niall recently paid a visit to Masteroast Coffee Co to find out more on how they go about making the perfect roast. The company is one of our preferred providers due to their consistent quality plus it…

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