How our Retail Coffee Tins Were Born

Hessian retail coffee tins

There is something about having a nice tin.  Either to be given a tin as a gift or selecting a tin when out buying a product. Tins just feel right! They ooze quality and seep of something gourmet. Even an empty tin has the potential to either tell a story of its past journey or awake the opportunity for something in the future.

Twisting that lid off to reveal the initial inner lid is a delight. This could be breaking the seal on a tube of Pringles. Plunging a knife into a Nutella jar to release the power of chocolate. Or what about that wonderful coffee aroma that hits you smack in the face as you lift the tin towards your nose. With a huge inhale allow the flavour and character to fill your head – boom!!!

The smell of something can sometimes be better than how it tastes, but not in this case I can assure you. This Hessian Coffee Retail Tins contents taste as good as it smells.

Why Retail Coffee Tins

Our wonderful and growing customers have been on at us to provide them with something they can offer to their customers. They wanted something that would allow the customer to enjoy the coffee experience at home.

Not being content with the usual packets, foils, pouches and zip-locks, I wanted to find something that would work for our product. So in desperation I opted for a night cap to help me ponder the best way to provide a product that would look good and make the experience special.  This pondering was in the form of Whisky!

As I ransacked the drinks cupboard I came across a tin containing my inspiration. A bottle of Royal Lochnagar 12-year-old single malt whisky. After a couple of wee drams it all came together.  A daft drawing of a screw lid and ring pull, the Hessian tin was conceived. A dark tin with a screw down lid and an initial ring pull to allow the freshly roasted coffee to be at its best until opened. Once opened those wonderful flavours and aromas would be released with a great boost of fresh smelling coffee.

Bourbon Select and Espresso No1

Having 5 popular coffee brands under our umbrella, we selected just 2 to launch into tins initially. We decided to offer our most popular sellers for our customers and for the retail sector.  Our Bourbon Select is 100% Arabica. It is produced 1400m above sea level at the Monte Sion farm in El Salvador Fully.  Washed pure Bourbon varietal and harvested only for a brief period between December and February. The washed process allows natural sweetness and floral notes to develop and once roasted gives wonderful complex flavour with notes of caramel, chocolate, almond citrus fruit. Not just all this, its Rainforest Alliance Certified and picked up a Great Taste Award at the end of 2017.

To complement the Bourbon Select we chose Espresso No 1.  Once again, a 100% Arabica blend, with equal components from Brazil, Honduras, and the African Congo.The blend gives this coffee a fruit and nut taste with notes of citrus flavours. Not too bitter, not too acidic! Smooth flavours and a medium to medium dark body.  Great for people just beginning on their relationship with coffee. Grown at altitude by small holdings, the addition of the Honduras blends the flavour and also balances acidity for an all-round coffee.

Both the brands are available in 250g Tins. You can buy as either whole bean or as pre-ground for Cafetiere or Filter use.

Hessian is over the moon to offer these to our customers.  They make great corporate gifts, gifts for mums and gifts for day. We are also chuffed they are on the shelves within Bishops Stortford’s Eat17 Spa’s.  As well as being available at coffee shops and cafés nation wide.

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