Which Country Drinks more Coffee?

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It is no surprise that coffee Essex and coffee across the Uk is having its day. However, people are becoming a lot choosier when it comes to their choice of coffee.  Many are turning their backs on freeze-dried, instant products and turning to fresher products. In saying this instant coffee has improved a lot over the years, but you still can’t beat an espresso style coffee in Hertfordshire.

However good we think we are at being coffee experts here in the UK, we pale in comparison with those charmers, the Italians.

Instant home coffee in the UK represents 77 per cent of sales.  Whereas the Italians clock in a very low one per cent of all sales. (Source BBC 2014)

Coffee culture in Italy is often seen as the epitome of style, but it’s also pretty inflexible. Deny an Italian their mid-morning or mid-afternoon espresso (cappuccinos are only for breakfast) and they will not be happy.

So when did instant coffee come to the UK?

Instant coffee came to the UK allegedly in the backpacks of US GI’s in the Second World War. So while Tommy was busy brewing his tin cup full of lukewarm, tea factory floor sweepings, the Americans were getting a good cup of Joe.

However, despite this early growth and dependence on instant coffee, sales of the stuff in the US sits at just four per cent.

How do we compare to the French?

Well, in the country where the older generations are worrying about losing those below 30 to the fast food culture (this is known as la malbouffe).  Sales of instant coffee only represents seven per cent of total coffee sales.

So while there’s a long way to go to reach these kinds of stats in the UK, it’s beginning to take root.  European as well as domestic suppliers are recognising the possible growth.

So let Hessian Coffee help you celebrate this renaissance and supply you with the best kit and finest coffees available.

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Coffee drinking

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