The Hotel

A night away in a hotel is always a great place to escape.  We enjoy the ambiance, plus the time away from home is always special, along with the bedroom, the location, the breakfast and the restaurant. But what about the hotel coffee!

Often it is the coffee that lets the whole experience down. For some hotels this is the last thing they think about. Getting the correct hot beverage solution is crucial to ensuring repeat business. We have a range of solutions, tailor made to the needs and size of any premises.  Including, espresso beans for traditional coffee machines and bean to cups.  Filter coffees for both small and large operations, in room fresh coffee bags and our award winning teas.  Plus we supply conference and banqueting solutions, as well as support with a range of leading commercial equipment to suit the businesses needs.

So why not get in contact today.  Find out what we can do for your business to make the experience memorable.

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