Espresso Grinders

Fundamental to the quality of the beverage , Espresso Grinders are more than a way to smash the beans up.

Having a reliable, well designed, well engineered and stylish grinder is as important to your business as your coffee machine. Ensuring the correct grinder particle size and correct ground coffee volume for the perfect extraction is crucial to a perfect espresso.

You freshly roasted coffee beans deteriorate within hours of being introduced to air. To ensure you get the best we offer modern “grind on demand” grinders that will dose a consistent, programmed amount, as well as the manual dosing design.

Both styles available in a range of motor sizes, burr plates, colour and hoppers to accommodate all volume needs from the small occasional grinding up to a 4 kilo output per day and all in relative silence.

Build quality

Quamar is our espresso grinder partner of choice, with their aim to deliver dependable, efficient, safe and sustainable products along with 100% Italian build quality.

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