Espresso Machines

Espresso means under pressure!

Traditional Espresso machines come in various shapes and sizes.  But ultimately they all produce the espresso which is the base to all coffee drinks.

With a traditional machine, you can offer a large drinks menu selection. They are easy to operate (with the right training), are quick to produce drinks. Also easy to maintain, giving you steam pressure for the perfect milk texture. They can produce in single or double espresso shots and give you a supply of hot water.

We have partnered with Conti Espresso who have been hand building machines for over 60 years in Monaco and remains privately owned. Available with either one, two or three heads (groups). They are fully plumbed into your mains supply and with various tanks sizes and features to different models.

Visually stunning to look at.  They are the perfect machine to locate on a bar or a customer facing area.

Coffee machine and barista training is provided free of charge to our customers.  Why not contact Hessian Coffee today to discuss the best machine for your needs.

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