Filter Coffee

Coffee Equipment for producing a quality filter coffee has come on hugely in recent years.  With manufactures introducing new technology to ensure the best out of the brewed coffee.

Brew time, brew volume, holding time and temperature all affect the finished product. This is why it is so important to have the correct equipment to maximise sales and profit.

Filter Coffee Offers

Filter coffee service offers easy operation for both small to high volume sites.  Caterers for hospitality, hotels, conference and banqueting all benefit as well as being able to introduce seasonal filter coffees in smaller volumes.

Hessian Coffee Company can support you with equipment produced by market leaders. This includes 1.9 litre manual fill pour overs, up to twin brewers.  Twin brewers are capable of producing 24 litres at once and everything in between to suit your requirements.

Cost effective and also attractive designs.  Tap operations and hot water option available.

Our filter coffee’s are pre-ground, packaged fresh and in quantities to meet the brewer needs in line with the manufactures technologies to ensure the best quality.

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