Water Filtration

Water Filtration is a necessity in most parts of the country. Not only will the drinks look as they should, they will also taste better and smell fresher.  Also for the longevity of your coffee machine water filters aid in the protection from the build up of lime-scale.

At Hessian Coffee we focus on supplying quality products and equipment to ensure maximum coffee and tea flavour. With the correct water treatment the perfect drinking experience is achievable.

Manufactured in the UK, the calcium treatment units (CTUs) are the first units to be able to separate resin and carbon.  Giving optimum capacity and efficiency for all your beverages.

The Prima CTU

We supply the Prima CTU which takes out most of the harmful elements whilst retaining some of the minerals that enhance the aromas and tastes of the drink. Designed with a blended head to further improve the taste and quality of the finished beverage.

Available in 5, 10, 18, 23 & 30 litre capacities to meet all your needs and we can also provide a water filtration monitoring and exchange programme to make certain that your equipment has constant protection and product has best results.

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