Coffee Beans

Coffee seeds or as they are more commonly known, coffee beans, are the source for any type of coffee. Grown as lovely brittle bundles of flavour,once picked they arrive in Hessian sacks to our roasters located in Cambridgeshire.

It is down to the expertise and quality control of our roasters to ensure the seeds are blended and roasted to our specific recipe. Roasting allows the beans to release the wonderful characteristics, flavours and aroma so you receive a consistent cup of coffee every time.  At Hessian we have a wide variety of flavours in our range to suit all taste requirements.  If you are not sure what is the best coffee for your business please speak to one of our team. We will happily come to your premises to give you a tasting session and training so you get it right.  Hessian Coffee is enjoyed daily by customers at cafes, coffee houses, restaurants and hotels right around the UK.

Convenient packaging

Hessian espresso beans are packaged in convenient 6 x 1 kilo bags per box. We also supply many other coffee and tea related products from takeaway cups right through to espresso machines. Find out more here.

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