Cups and Lids

There is more to Takeaway cups than you would imagine !

Our Ripple Takeaway Cups have 2 layers of board offering superb heat protection. This eliminates the need for separate ‘clutches’ or ‘double cupping. Ideal for Coffee, Tea, Soup and Hot Chocolate.

Very simple, available and delivered in boxes of 500 cups , packaged in sleeves of 50 cups for ease of storage near the coffee machine.

Black in colour and either as an  8oz or 12oz volume size , these look amazing with white lids.

White Lids in boxes of 1000 and cleverly fit the cups ( when ordering the correct size)

We also are suppliers of Compostable takeaway cups. The Double Wall design means two layers of paperboard are used for added insulation. Couple this with the PLA lining, and this gives a completely compostable cup which can simply be disposed of alongside your food waste.

If you are after something specific or a bespoke branded solution please get in contact

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