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The secret to great coffee apart from using Hessian Coffee Beans is the cleaning equipment. By using the right cleaning products for your machine will result in a machine that works better. Because with each coffee made you create natural oils from the coffee that quickly oxidise. This oxidised oil build-up can be the root to bitter tasting coffee.  Also if the coffee tastes bitter it will spoil the coffee drinkers experience. The good news is cleaning your machine is easy.  It is also quick to do and ensures you keep serving the best tasting drinks possible.

Espresso Machine Cleaning:

Daily: Back-flush traditional espresso machines. Run cleaning cycle on super automatic espresso machines. Clean steam wands/auto frothers.
Weekly: Disassemble and soak baskets. Portafilter handles and spray heads again using Puly Caff Powder.

We strongly recommend the use of Puly Caff powder for backflushing and Puly Caff Milk for cleaning steam wands. These products really do work. Also by keeping up a regular cleaning regime will prolong the lifetime of your machine.  It also reduces unnecessary service call outs!  Just ask us to add this to your regular coffee order to ensure your machine is always kept clean.

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