According to legend (around 2737 BC) the Chinese emperor Sneh Nung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant made him a drink.  As he sat waiting for the water to boil leaves from a tree (which was of the Camellia Sinensis variety) fell into his cup. The water was poured on top of the leaves creating the infusion we today call tea.

Skipping forwards a few years, over 80% of the population now drink tea.  In the UK there is a staggering 165 million cuppa’s being made and drank per day. How about that for statistics!

Hessian Coffee Co is passionate about tea, so we work with the award winning brand Novus. Delivering exceptional taste and flavour to every cup they are the only company in the UK capable of delivering a premium leaf tea. Novus are also a truly British Product with their teas manufactured and packed in the United Kingdom.  They proudly have numerous great taste awards to their name.

Our range of Novus tea includes loose leaf products, pyramids bags as well as an in-room presentation boxes. Included in the range is a majority of blacks, greens, whites and infused teas.

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