Servicing Price List

Hessian Coffee machine servicing price listHessian Coffee Co Maintenance Price List

Prices are exclusive of vat and are subject to change

Coffee Machine Servicing Charges

Our engineers carry the core parts for the majority of traditional machines for coffee machine servicing. Their rates are as follows:

  • Initial Call out £60.00 flat rate
  • Time on site £30.00 per each 30 mins
  • Additional parts used are charged accordingly.

Water filtration CTU (Calcium treatment unit)

CTU Water Filter – new one fitted, flushed and old cartridge removed from premises £185.00
CTU Water Meter – calibrated to your area with data captured for replenishment schedule £48.00

Machine Installation

Traditional machine, to install and set up ready for operation £150.00.

Please ensure correct power, water supply and space is available to complete the install. (We are unable to complete any pre-work required to facilitate the installation, please note that any aborted installs will incur a charge.)


From £190.00 + VAT per machine.

This can be carried out at the discretion of the customer, however we recommend that this is done at least annually dependant on the site and the amount of use your machine gets. Servicing will include all labour and minor parts. Any water filters required will be charged in addition to these.

SERVICE checks or replacements to include:

  • New Group gaskets
  • New Inlet gauzes/ filters
  • Steam valves (either service or replace)
  • Safety valve check (descale/ check or replace)
  • Anti Vac Valve check/ replace
  • Expansion Valve check
  • Steam/ Hot Water outlet gasket replacements
  • Boiler probe swap/descale
  • Pump check/ calibration
  • Grinder calibration/ shot levels checked
  • Blade check/ clean.

Front End Service

We can also carry out preventative maintenance service visits, otherwise known as basic or ‘front end’ servicing. This is a more basic procedure therefore no fixed cost, time is charged on call out and labour basis and parts as required.

Coffee machines need care and attention to keep them making great coffee. We carry a full range of cleaning products and brushes, to help with your daily and weekly machine cleaning schedule. To order any of these products you can click on our shop link or feel free to contact us

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