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I felt compelled to put pen to paper after much research this week into what is the best biscuit to dunk. This came about when I mentioned it one evening at home and the wife informed me “I am not qualified to write about such a thing”! That’s a challenge I thought! Especially as I drink tea and eat biscuits so what other qualifications do I really need?

My research has led me into various supermarkets and a glance on the internet to discover this is serious stuff, maybe the good lady was right! On one report scientists and physicians had completed major studies using the same formula in terms of water temperature, dunk period, and completed dunks. Plus the report includes age groups, profession, demographics and the preference with males and females. I have no intention to go this far!

Apparently started by the Romans it is now popular on every continent with the Americans favouring Oreos, the Australians with “Tim Tam Slams”.  Then in the Netherlands it’s the Stroopwaffel. Whereas here in the UK it’s reported to be the McVities Chocolate Digestive (I disagree personally).

Why do we do it?

I am guessing in early times the biscuits were so darn hard that dunking was the only way to soften and make more palatable. Nowadays we do it to soften, release some of the flavours and sugars into the drink. It is a good excuse to drift away for a few minutes, or simply just to get that soggy sludge at the bottom of the cup forcing the need to get your finger and scoop it all out!

OK I have 5 of my favourite biscuits, now this is all subjective as to be honest I do love a biscuit. Rich Teas, Shortbread, Choc Digestives, Malted Milk & those nice ones that say Nice.

The tests were carried out in the office. We started with our cup of Novus English Breakfast Tea. We then dunked the biscuits 5 times each and for 5 seconds in total.  High visibility jackets, gloves and eye protection are worn throughout the experiments so we comply with Health and Safety. The testings were conducted with the help and assistance of an 8-year-old. Now what 8 year old doesn’t know everything there is to know about biscuits!

Biscuit Tea – The Results

5th Place – Malted Milk

Love these biscuits but this just did not do it for me. Did not hold well, soft and gooey, broke and fell into the cup.  Also not a pleasant mouth feel, it was warm and stuck to the pallet. Yuk from the 8-year-old!

4th Place – Chocolate digestive

The chocolate softened quickly, perhaps I should have refrigerated these first. Kept its shape well and held a good bite, but the sticky warmness of it put me off personally. Saying this the 8-year-old enjoyed it as most of it ended up on his fingers!

3rd Place – Rich Teas

I thought this was going to be the winner. A long-time favourite of mine, but sadly it didn’t survive the intense experiment conducted. The biscuit held its own on the firmness but lacked taste once moist. 6 out of 10 from my helper.

2nd Place –  Nice

I agree, does what it says. Worked well, kept its crunchy sweetness and its shape so no broken bits in the bottom of the cup. Pleasantly surprised

Winner – The Shortbread

Softened nicely yet crumbly and crunchy to taste. Held well, nice sweetness, nice warmth. 10 out of 10 from the 8-year-old.

Really, I should have included Caramel Lotus biscuits in with this experiment as these are the ones we actually sell!  We shall have to wait for our customers to read this and return a note with the 5 second and 5 dunk verdicts.

Now I am left with 5 half open packets in the office and a hyper child!

Posted on August 4, 2017 in Coffee drinking

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